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Designed and Built for Commercial-Scale Cultivators
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Designed and built for
commercial-scale cultivators

The Mobius Trimmer M108 is the trimming solution for commercial-scale cultivators that are focused on growing their business and supercharging their harvest workflow.

Every component has been custom-engineered for precision and efficiency. It’s faster, easier, safer, cleaner, and produces a superior product in every measurable way.

The Mobius Trimmer M108 is the only commercial cannabis trimming machine available capable of processing the volume and speed demanded by today’s large-scale cultivators.

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Key Features

Blade System

Tension Tumbler

Separation System

Retire the lawnmower.
Less is more.
Leave Nothing On The Table.
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AirThread Tension Tumbler
Rust-proof surgical-grade stainless steel cables held in a perfectly cylindrical shape with air pressure.
TriFlex Blade System
3 x 36″ helical blades paired with flexible bedknives that never need to be adjusted.
Integrated Separation System
Separator built into the body of the M108, no hoses or external components required.
Integrated Vacuum
The vacuum is built into the body of the M108, making it a complete self-contained system.
Variable Function System
Everything is adjustable, including vacuum suction, blade speed, tumbler speed, and tumbler angle.
Safety Features
A range of safety features to “future-proof” the M108 ahead of pending cannabis workplace safety regulations.


The M108 was designed with a safety-first mentality.

Being safe at work isn’t just a nice thing, it’s an expectation people have when working in any well-developed industry. Soon enough, employees will demand it. The government will too. But rather than wait and react to regulation changes requiring that cultivation and harvesting operations be safer, we wanted to be proactive and get ahead of the curve. So we approached a number of regulatory bodies to discuss their pending requirements. Based on their information, we built a machine that will stay ahead of upcoming regulations. That’s why we included some key safety features on the Mobius Trimmer M108 that aren’t seen on any other machine on the market.

  • There are no un-covered moving parts for fingers or clothes to get caught in. Gears, pulleys, belts, blades, they’re all potentially dangerous. We want you to leave work every day with all your digits intact.
  • Shrouds prevent hand access to the input or output points. It might be tempting to reach your hands into the tumbler to try and push something in or pull something out. But it’s dangerous, and the shrouds help remove the temptation.
  • The M108 won’t function without safety controls in place. It won’t even start without the shrouds on and the lid closed. Because what’s the point of installing safety features if your employee can just take them off?
  • When components are removed for cleaning or servicing, the M108 can’t be turned on, even if it remains plugged in. Whether the ON switch is bumped or an electrical fault sends power, the operator will remain safe.
  • Because the M108 is a semi-closed system with no hoses, airborne contaminants and particles are greatly reduced and surfaces and floors in the workspace remain cleaner. A clean workspace is a safe workspace!

Keeping the operator safe was a commitment we made when we were developing the Mobius Trimmer M108. It’s good business, but more importantly than that, it’s the right thing to do!


WIDTH: 32″    LENGTH: 43.5″    HEIGHT: 47″    TOTAL WEIGHT: 450lbs

Total width = 43″ with Trim Tote in place.
Total length = 77.5″ with input hopper and output shroud in place.

Vacuum motor:   5HP
Cutter motor:   0.75HP
Tumbler motor:   1/8HP

Wet Feed Rate: Dry Feed Rate:
66 – 120 lbs/hr
30 – 55 kg/hr
22 – 44 lbs/hr
10 – 20 kg/hr

Single phase 220V, 40 amps.
3 phase 208V, 30 amps.

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