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Cleaning your


We recommend using the following approach to cleaning and sanitizing the Mobius:
Step 1: CLEAN

After trimming, use a diluted degreaser to clean the plant-touching parts of the machine as per the table below. Note, there are many effective degreasers available on the market – the ones listed below are those that we have hands-on experience using. Use the recommended pH range to select a product appropriate to the intended use. Handy tip: before starting this cleaning routine, the thick resin build-up on blades and other parts can be scraped off using a plastic razor such as this: Scraperite Plastic Razor Blades.

Step 2: RINSE

Thoroughly rinse the degreaser from all components of the machine. Ensure there is no solution left on any parts.


Swab test surfaces. Any parts that exceed established limits can be cleaned/rinsed again or can be wiped down with iso*.

*Note: Do not apply iso to the end caps of the tumbler as the iso will break down this material. Eteros is switching to a different material for tumbler end caps in the near future, which will be fine to wipe down with iso. We are in the final stages of testing this material and expect to have the new tumblers in production before the end of 2018.

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