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Vol. 02 – Fall 2018
a look at
coming trends in the
commercial cannabis industry

“Initially, flower pricing was high because it could be. People were just excited that it was legal and they didn’t question the price. But over time we’ve seen a race to the bottom.”

Matt Gillespie – Director,
Hybrid Marketing Co.
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Inside this second edition of The Harvest Report, you’ll find more than 30 pages of well-researched, valuable information and predictions.

There’s commentary and insight from thought leaders and executives, as well as recommendations for you and your business as you continue to navigate the accelerating development of the commercial cannabis industry.

“To be an environmental steward and good corporate citizen, you need to latch on to sustainable technologies. The trend is going toward clean, all-natural products.”

Warren Bravo
CEO, Green Relief
Section 3 | Page 17

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“If you want to sell a premium product, then you need to communicate with your customers as to why they can expect a higher quality product. Communicate how your particular cultivation methodology will ensure the consistency of your product.”

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