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Lightning fast and gentle on flower, the M108S is taking the cannabis world by storm.

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Gentle on product. Tough on stems. The MBX makes light work of cannabis bucking.

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Mobius Mill

Cost effective cannabis oil extraction and beautiful ground product.


Harvesting and trimming is a complex and crucial part of cannabis production. The ability to process flower quickly, gently, and cost effectively can be the difference between a high-performing, revenue generating producer, and one that struggles to survive.

At Mobius, we take the complexity out of harvesting by offering the best cannabis trimming and processing equipment on the market. Our devices are engineered for ease of use, scalable output, and safety. They disassemble by hand in minutes and are so easy to clean, they are quickly becoming the unrivaled standard used in top-producing GMP certified facilities around the world. Backed by harvesting consulting experience earned in 100’s of small, medium, and large scale facilities, we offer top-tier customer service and support, and an immersive training academy to help you maximize your Mobius investment. 

Once you’ve tried a Mobius, you won’t imagine going back to anything else.

Want to add Mobius equipment to your trim room?

Our trim room specialists are happy to learn about your harvest process to offer a Mobius solution tailored to your needs. Click below to send us a message and we’ll be in touch.

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Guided by a design philosophy that emphasizes quality craftsmanship and engineering innovation, our cannabis harvesting machines are entirely built in-house in our Canadian manufacturing facility. We’re proud of our heritage and how we’ve earned the right to be a trusted part of the harvest workflow within of many of the world’s largest Licensed Producers of cannabis products.