Workplace safety is an expectation employees have in any well-developed industry. That’s why we approached the design of the M108 with a safety-first mentality. The cannabis industry will see more workplace safety regulations in 2019, and we wanted to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why we included key safety features on the Mobius Trimmer M108 that aren’t seen on any other machine on the market.


No uncovered moving parts.

Nothing for fingers or clothes to get caught in. Gears, pulleys, belts, blades, they’re all potentially dangerous. We want you to leave work every day with all your digits intact.


No access to the input or output points.

Each M108 has an input hopper and output chute, and the machine won’t operate without them in place. It might be tempting to reach your hands into the tumbler to try and push something in or pull something out. But it’s dangerous, and the shrouds help remove the temptation.


Forced shutdown.

The M108 won’t function without safety controls in place. For example, the helical blades won’t spin without the lid closed. When components are removed for cleaning or servicing, the M108 can’t be turned on, even if it remains plugged in. Whether the ON switch is bumped or an electrical fault sends power, the operator will remain safe.

Because the M108 is a semi-closed system with no hoses, airborne contaminants and particles are greatly reduced and surfaces and floors in the workspace remain cleaner. A clean workspace is a safe workspace!

Keeping the operator safe was a commitment we made when we were developing the Mobius Trimmer M108. It’s good business, but more importantly than that, it’s the right thing to do!

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