We think our equipment is pretty great, but so do other people!
Here’s what some of our customers had to say after using our line of cannabis and hemp processing machines.

Joshua Milns

In the past we’ve done a lot of hand trimming, we’ve tried a lot of machines. They just weren’t working for us. And then all of a sudden the Mobius came out and we started using it. The result is comparable considerably to a hand-trimmed product. You won’t get better results.

The tuning of these machines is so precise that you can actually get a perfect cut ready for bag with just a small tweak of the after product. The actual trim is absolutely perfect every time.

Kurtyss M.

Having worked with: Tumbleweed, Twister T2, Twister T4, Centurion, Centurion Gladiator, this setup is hands down in an entirely different league. They went so far as to change the game all together. Turn it up to 11 and see what an M108s can do for you!!

Ever notice that halfway through workday your machine really starts to gum up? No problem with the M108s!! Swap all three blades, bed knives, and spacers with ease for a clean cut after lunch!

I have been so pleased with every part of the Mobius experience. From the excitement of the in-house demo, to the industry standard nuggets that it produces. AJ and Brett were stellar reps and answered all questions with ease and knowledge. The machine’s pace and product are unmatched by anything in the industry, man or machine. Fine dialing it in is as easy as literally dialing it in. Coupled with infeed and out feed conveyors, it can’t be beat.

Jake Brookes

At Ladybug Farms we’re always looking to increase the efficiency of our processing and ultimately try to deliver the best smokeable flower to our partner brands and consumers. In the last 18 months we’ve been through five other trimmers to try and match our flower production capacity and to keep up with our dry trimming needs.

The Mobius M108S isn’t just a fraction better than our last machine, it really is in a different league entirely. The ability to tailor the vacuum, blade speed, barrel speed and dial in the controls to each batch is a huge bonus when dealing with multiple cultivars. The throughput of this single unit for dry product is able to keep up with 4000lbs of dry material monthly.

Because the Mobius dis-assembly is screw-less it really makes for easy cleaning between batches and enables quick and efficient training of our processing operators.

I think the main thing that sets the Mobius apart for us and makes it such a fantastic investment is the end result of the machine trimmed product, no other trimmer comes close and we’ve tried five trimmers from four other brands. The flower is literally ready to be packaged coming off the processing line and we’re seeing better flower/trim ratios than we’ve ever experienced.

The support and buying experience with Amanda and Aaron has been a total breath of fresh air, not only do they produce a fabulous product, but you have the product knowledge and resources on hand to back up any questions. A lot of companies we’ve dealt with and purchased from advertised after sales support and then provided nothing. The Mobius team really has given us the confidence to pick them as our partner for all future processing needs. I really wish I’d have found them sooner.

If you’re machine trimming at scale, then there really is no other trimmer to consider on the market.

Derek B.

Mobius Trimmer’s M108S has not only enhanced the speed and quality of our production, but the company has been there every step of the way to assist the team at Green Relief.

Dion E.

Easily the best trimmer I’ve ever used. And a great team at Mobius!